About Us

Nibago Horse Products is an international wholesaler, specialized in the distribution of exclusive brands in Europe. Besides distribution, we also focus on the development of new and innovative products for our own product line.

The Equestrian sports is developing and becoming more and more professional. Changes happen fast. We, as Nibago Horse Products, want to stimulate these developments and changes. De brands and products we have in our range all have an innovative base. We think it’s important to offer a valuable addition to the existing products in the Equestrian market. There are plenty of standard range products Our brands and products distinguish themselves by their innovative nature, high quality and exclusivity.

We work closely together with the developers/ suppliers and equestrian shops to sure the new products are- or the brand is promoted the best way possible in the market. This collaboration goes beyond trading products. We also focus on the transfer of knowledge and information to the equestrian shops. Besides that, we look for details to improve, and we check and guard the quality of the products provided. This way, our aim is to stimulate both developer/ supplier and the equestrian shop to keep improving their products and information output. This should result in the yearly improving of knowledge, quality and appearance of the products in our range.